Get Ready for Summer School at Oasis Church

Why Summer School?

Our Summer School initiative is a vital discipleship tool designed to do more than just impart knowledge—it’s about fostering spiritual and personal growth within our community. This vibrant season of engagement will help us strengthen bonds and continue our collective journey of faith, ensuring we stay connected all summer long.


Mark your calendars! Summer School kicks off on June 12th and runs through July 31st. Each session begins with icebreakers and a meet and greet at 7 PM, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. From 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM, we'll dive into the heart of our sessions, offering enriching and engaging learning experiences.


All classes will be taken place at various locations within the Oasis Campus. Childcare services will be available to allow parents to fully engage in every session.

Registration opens on May 22nd. Join us for a summer of growth, connection, and faith at Oasis Church!

To register, click on the blue icon next to the course description. 
Dive deep into our Faith curriculum, designed to strengthen the foundation of new believers and highlight our shared Biblical worldview, that will serve as a guide and inspiration for both new and seasoned believers.
Developed by Donald Durio, this curriculum explores essential financial principles and stewardship, empowering participants to manage resources wisely and align their financial practices with kingdom values.
Experience a unique blend of insights from "Divorce Proof" by Reggie and London Royal, combined with Stephanie Miller’s extensive knowledge of family dynamics. This hybrid curriculum addresses modern family challenges while fostering stronger family bonds.
Join us on a liberating journey. It is designed to break down barriers to intimacy with God and set the stage for a life of true freedom and fulfillment.
Childcare Add-on (Group registration is required. To sign up, click blue icon next to course of interest.)