Wednesdays at 7:30pm
*Class will not meet on the first Wednesday of each month, join us for Overflow night.

In this teaching series Pastor Jonathan Suber will be emphasizing the restoration of the original teachings and non-negotiable doctrines of the New Testament Church.  

This series will cover most events in the Christian life, moving progressively from the birth of a Christian to the life of a believer living in community with other believers.

Our Purpose Is Threefold

1. To rediscover and devote ourselves to the Apostles/ teachings of Jesus with an historical and cultural perspective.
2. To ensure that the foundation of our Christian Faith at Oasis Church is fortified even stronger.
3. To clarify and explain the language and thought behind our Theological perspective that we would all speak the same thing as it concerns essential doctrines.

This will be taught in person weekly, but will be emphasizing being more of a studio setting for online content.

**Group will not meet on the first Wednesday of every month, please join us at Overflow Night.